Absolution Part One and Redbubble!

Okay folks, as promised it’s Tuesday morning, and here is the first chapter of the new Path of the Just story, Absolution!

For Alexis Dardanus, life’s never been easy. Her father is the Chief of Security for the Dove Caste, and has a dozen rules(at least) for every situation. To the chagrin of her mother, Alexis answers this challenge by flaunting the authority of her parents and the Caste itself at every chance she gets. While the rest of the Caste wonders if she’ll ever live up to her father’s name, she longs for a life where it doesn’t matter.

For Dante Ansara, he’s coping to life without his dear sister by his side. He’s been taken in by a new family, the Red Dragon Caste, where he has become the prize student of General Toshiro. Yet this stoic, honorable warrior has his doubts about their cause, and the often violent methods they’re willing to use to protect all Emejre.

For both, it’s about to get a lot harder.

An unexpected assault leaves the Dove Caste in chaos, and the Red Dragons are the chief suspect. Peace hangs by a thread and it’s up to these two unlikely allies to find the truth. If they succeed, they might draw the fractured Castes closer together. At stake if they fail? An all out war that might eventually see even the humans involved. But their journey for answers will take them into the dark underworld of Emejre society, where lives are commodities up for negotiation and who will stop at nothing to maintain their way of life..

Their quest will test their newfound friendship, undercover hidden truths about the birth of the Castes, and eventually bring them face to face with the most feared contract killer the Emejre have ever know.

Chapter One

I’d also like to ask that if you like wildlife photography or silly t-shirt designs, then check out my Redbubble store for some new designs that we debuted at Izumicon, with more coming throughout the week.

There will be more non-fiction content coming later this week. Perhaps a little less theme park content than there has been in the past, but it’s still one of my passions so I’ll definitely be touching on it every so often!

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