Whose page did I just wander into?

That, my friend, is a wonderful question. Who am I? Who are any of us, for that matter? It sounds like a simple question, but in the end when you really stop to think about it, none of us are ever really sure, are we? We change from moment to moment, each decision we make, each word we speak adding and altering the grand tapestry of our existence, until we–


To put it simply, you’ve arrived at the web site of S. Daniel McPhail, a guy who wears many hats, though the primary two are writer and photographer. This web site is an attempt to share my work and maybe brighten a day or two over its lifetime.

You can check out the Who Is SDM? page to learn some more basic information. I’ve also set up a section called Icebreakers where I talk about a variety of subjects in the hopes of giving you a better picture of just who I am.