Gonna Go Places – My first story ever accepted for publication, and non-genre to boot. A son reunites with his father after several years.

Old Mr. Singh – I can’t recall the exact prompt that led to this story, but I know it was in part a parody of “A&P” by John Updike, and was the second story I had published.

Twelve Steps to Styx – Sometimes we can all use a little support… even the Grim Reaper.

Changing Your World – Who says the evil Decepticon empire can’t operate like a well oiled corporate machine? These leaked memos show it’s possible!

  • Re: Recent Combat – Megatron gives a frank assessment of recent Decepticon combat efforts.
  • Re: Work Enviroment – Feeling singled out in the previous memo, Air Commander Starscream issues a retort.
  • Re: Error Rate – Decepticon data auditor Crankcase offers a few suggestions on the recently high rate of errors in the field.
  • Re: Mix Tape – A brief, angry message from Soundwave