A Few Quick Updates!

Hey everyone, just checking in real quick with a few things.

For one, I realized that when I updated the site last Friday, I forgot the minor detail of a link to the new story. That’s been corrected, and you can also read The Echo of Hattie Palmer here.

Secondly, for those of you who use Wattpad, I’ve started posting my Halloween stories there as well, with The Echo of Hattie Palmer being split into several parts for easier reading. The link is right here if you’re interested! Esdeem @ Wattpad

As for the next installment, the final Halloween Challenge story will be posted on Monday instead of Friday, like the previous entries. There are a couple of reasons for this. One, this story is taking place in the my Path of the Just story “world” so there’s a bit more world building that usual. Things have also been incredibly hectic the last few weeks, and my body has used the subtle sign of falling asleep in my office chair to tell me I need more sleep.

And I wanted to end things with a reminder that all of my profits from my RedBubble store from now until the end of November will be going to benefit hurricane relief in Puerto Rico. I’ll likely also be donating my December proceeds as well, though I’m not entirely sure where yet. Suggestions are welcome!

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