Monday Morning Imagineer

There are plenty of Monday morning quarterbacks, picking apart the details of football games after the fact. So why can’t there be a Monday Morning Imagineer, taking a look at the Disney parks and the film and television franchises that shaped them? From blue sky ideas for improving the parks to a little bit of history and insight into the process, you’ll find the thoughts of one devoted park fan in these posts!

Note – Sometimes I’ll promise things are coming in the future that never materialized. Clearly I learned a valuable lesson about over promising. I haven’t bothered to edit them out, so you can laugh and point at my folly.

1 – MyMagic+ – It used to be that trips to Walt Disney World involved meticulous planning, waiting in long lines and keeping your fingers crossed that you could snag that coveted reservation. MyMagic+ changed that, with a wide range of new features that changed the way Disney vacations came together. With the addition of Story Maker, they became even more interactive than ever before. I talk about our experience, and share a few new ideas for how it could be implemented.

2 – Reshaping the Future – Innoventions – With majors changes on the horizon(die hard Epcot fans will love that pun), the future of Future World is going to look very different. I take a look back at what Innoventions meant to me during my childhood visit, and share my idea for what could take its place by both incorporating a popular franchise and staying true to some of Epcot’s original goals.

3 – Reshaping the Future – Journey into Imagination – In this blog I tackle the beloved attraction that once inhabited the Imagination Pavilion in Future World, and examine the less popular one that took its place. Then I delve into trying to restore the attraction to its former glory, taking a cue from the fantastic Figment comic book.

4 – A Quick History – I take a break from the blue sky attractions and take a brief look at the history of the Disney theme parks, and give a little insight into how Imagineering got its start.

5 – Top Ten Disney Franchises That Need an Attraction – Another blue sky article, though this one’s not quite as in depth. In this blog I look at ten Disney franchises that don’t have an attraction in the parks, and why I think they should. And in a bonus round, I talk about five NON Disney franchises that should get a look as well.

6 – The Process – Another look at the world of Imagineering, this time offering a glimpse into the process that Imagineers go through to take a new attraction from the concept stage to a final product that wows guests.

7 –  The Shanghai Effect – With the opening of Shanghai Disneyland, we got our first look at what a new theme park designed with state of the art technology might look like. I share a look at the park’s design and some of the amazing attractions that have had fans raving since opening day.

8 –  Tomorrow’s Future – I talk briefly about the inevitable transformation that’s on its way to Epcot and Future World and how they might transform the park. Sadly, since this was written, major change has been confirmed to be on the way to Epcot, and we still don’t know exactly what will happen.

9 –  5 Takeaways from the Guardians of the Galaxy Announcement – With the announcement of Guardians of the Galaxy taking over the Tower of Terror attraction in California Adventure, I share a few thoughts about what it might mean for the Disney parks on the whole.

10 – The Art of Immersion – Immersion is one of the latest buzz words surrounding the theme park industry, and it’s going to be a big part of almost all attractions going forward. I look at how Disney has achieved this in the past(along with the Wizarding World at Universal) and how they might continue it into the future.

11 – Here in Duckburg – I step away from the parks to talk about one of the most beloved cartoon shows in Disney history, and one due a major reboot coming in 2017 – DuckTales!