While I’m much more a fan of fiction, I’ve also done my fair share of essays, articles and reviews over the years, and I’m even proud enough of a handful to archive them here.


Tale of a Tailless Cat – Reflections on our first rescue adoption, Jackson.

The Ballad of Fabricio Medvedenko – A somewhat absurd take on the Career mode in a basketball game.

The Receding Storm – Dealing with the anniversary of the first of my major surgeries, and how it surprised me this time.

A New Hope – My celebration of the 40th anniversary of Star Wars and its impact on my life.

Thank You Russell – My take on the well deserved MVP Award won by the Thunder’s Russell Westbrook, and why he’s my favorite professional athlete.

Trip Reports

Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto – From our Disneymoon, my impressions of Trader Sam’s.


A recap of our honeymoon at the Orlando theme parks, which was also my first return to Walt Disney World since I was a child. These delve into both my own personal history as well as a little background behind the parks and attractions.

Disneymoon – A Little History

Disneymoon – Planning and Day One

Disneymoon – Day Two (Magic Kingdom)

Disneymoon – Day Three (Animal Kingdom, Wishes Cruise)

Disneymoon – Day Four (Hollywood Studios, Downtown Disney)

Disneymoon – Day Five (Epcot)

Disneymoon – Day Six (Magic Kingdom)

Universalmoon – Day One (Universal Studios Florida)

Freeform Friday

In the early days of the site, I’d committed to writing three posts a week. The first was dedicated to my burgeoning Disney fandom, while the second dealt with our recent honeymoon. Fridays were open, and I’d write about whatever came to mind.

Six Things I Almost Posted About – When you have writer’s block, sometimes it’s easier to write about what you didn’t write about. Makes sense, right?

Ten Common Questions For Your Stormtrooper Interview – A handy guide for the next time you’re thinking about signing up to join the Galactic Empire.

The Planet Sized Nail Problem – When threats keep getting bigger with each film in a series, you’re eventually going to run into some issues.

Path of the Just – Talking about the original series I’ve been working on.

A Few Thoughts on Comcast and DreamWorks – My take on what the acquisition of DreamWorks Animation might mean for the Universal parks.

A Cat Photo in 1,497 Easy Steps – The challenges of taking pictures of your beloved pets…

Confessions of a Theme Park Atheist – Some people prefer Disney and won’t even say the name Universal. Others adore Universal and bash the House of Mouse. Me? I like them both.

Remembering Alan Young – Thoughts on the passing of the actor who, among other roles, brought Scrooge McDuck to life and played a big part in my childhood.

The Lure of the Digital Pitchfork – With it growing easier and easier to bash other people online, I share a few thoughts about avoiding the temptation to attack others online.

Why Ask Why – After a long absence, I talk a little more in depth about writing and start to delve into the creative process.