Absolution Chapter Two

Chapter Two of Absolution is now live! For Alexis and Dante, the path that led them to that fateful night in the warehouse began years ago. The stories that led them to their respective Castes were marked by tragedy, and the hope of finding new families in the aftermath. I do feel the need to... Continue Reading →

Absolution Part One and Redbubble!

Okay folks, as promised it's Tuesday morning, and here is the first chapter of the new Path of the Just story, Absolution! For Alexis Dardanus, life's never been easy. Her father is the Chief of Security for the Dove Caste, and has a dozen rules(at least) for every situation. To the chagrin of her mother,... Continue Reading →

Greetings from Izumicon!

Hello and welcome from your intrepid writer, coming to you live from the floor at Izumicon 2017, where we're wrapping up an incredibly fun show. As always, I've done the show alongside my lovely and talented wife... as I often like to say, she's the artist and I'm the table lackey. For those of you... Continue Reading →

Happy 2017, and more updates coming!

And I think I speak for just about everyone when it comes to 2016... thank goodness that's over with! I won't belabor the point here, but the last few months of the year were pretty difficult for Team Esdeem, or to put it in a more descriptive light, October to December sucked harder than two... Continue Reading →

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