My Favorites

So if you’ve enjoyed your time here, first of all thanks so much! But if you’re curious what other places I frequent on the web and highly recommend, including other writers and photographers, along with some favorite podcasts and other distractions online, then feel free to browse through these links.


Lawrence Block – One of my absolute favorite authors and for my money, the best writer on writing in the game. If you like mysteries, check him out!

Sam Sykes – A new favorite of mine, Sam’s books are so wonderfully detailed and his characters so well realized that you’ll love every second. He’s also arguably the most entertaining author follow on Twitter!

Marie Lu – Fantastically talented, her books have been a real inspiration as I continue to grow and evolve as a writer.

Tomi Adeyami – Not only is Children of Blood and Bone one of the most remarkable books I’ve read in some time, Tomi’s web page is full of wonderful advice for up and coming writers.

Mick Foley – Not only a writer whose work I enjoy tremendously, but a great all around person who consistently uses his fame to support a variety of worthy causes.

Michael Carroll – Another one of my favorite writers out there today. If you’re a fan of super heroes you should really check out his Quantum Prophecy and Young Heroes books.


Clark Little – Stunning doesn’t begin to do justice to his work.

Gerry van der Walt – My favorite wildlife photographer. His Wildlife Photography Podcast has been a huge help for me over the past year. Definitely worth checking out!

David duChermin – Another photographer whose work has become a major influence, and his photography books are remarkably inspirational!

Paul Nicklen – An inspirational and wildly talented photographer whose ability to use his photographs to educate about the environment is something I’d like to gain one day.

David Lloyd – Another of my favorites.


The JV Club – I literally cannot say enough good things about Janet Varney, who is both remarkably talented and a world class person. Her podcast delving into the teenagers years of her guests(mostly women, though she’s done the Boys of Summer the last few years) is a must listen for me every week.

88 Cups of Tea – An amazing and inspirational writing podcast hosted by the incomparable Yin Chang, whose positive energy and incredible interview style will make you feel ready to tackle your writing.

Big Picture Science – I’m a big fan of Seth Shostak of the SETI Institute, so listening to this weekly show he co-hosts with Molly Bentley on a wide range of science topics is a must for me.

The Be Our Guest Podcast – I discovered this podcast while planning our Disneymoon and it’s become one of my favorites to listen to week in and week out. With three episodes a week and fantastic hosts, it’s a great connection to Disney World when I can’t be there.

The Dis Unplugged – Another Disney podcast I love listening to, this features some great news and commentary. They’ve got a number of great shows on their network as well. If you love Disney history, I highly recommend the Connecting With Walt podcast as well.

Other Links

Wild Hybrid Art – The art blog of my fabulously talented better half, C.R. Majors-McPhail! I’m clearly biased when it comes to her work, but you should check her stuff out!

CHIKARA Pro – This fun filled super lucha party is the best wrestling promotion in the world today. If you love talented competitors, incredibly detailed stories, colorful characters and a real emotional connection to the action in the ring, then CHIKARA should be on your radar!

RAZERHAWK – The flyest wrestler of the new millennium, and my personal favorite in the business today! Not only will you find some incredibly well written blog posts and his current schedule, you’ll also be happy to know it’s optimized for Netscape 3.0!