Contact Me

Have a pressing need to get in touch with me? Well just use the handy dandy form below!

Reasons to Contact Me:

  • You have a question, comment or concern and don’t feel like leaving it via web page comment and want to be sure you get a response. This is always valid!
  • You just want to say hi or maybe even chat about any of the nerdy subjects I post about.
  • You’ve noticed an error, grammatical, factual or otherwise and want to bring it to my attention. I always appreciate this.
  • You’ve seen my work and want to hire me for something! This is perhaps the most unlikely of all scenarios, but my pen… er, well, my word processor and my camera can be at your disposal, if we can work out a deal.
  • You’d like to trade links. I’d love to start a link exchange with like-minded writer and artists, so just say the word!
  • You had Starriors and want to trade. This is important as I’m just missing a few from my collection at this point. Priorities!

Reasons NOT to Contact Me:

  • You want to call me names because you didn’t agree with something I posted. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love discussion even if we have opposing views. But if you’re just going to berate and name call, can I offer some advice? Don’t waste your time on that, spend it on things you enjoy doing.
  • You want me to pay you to drive hits/market the site/gain followers or anything similar. Right now, this site is just a hobby.
  • You’re a prince from a foreign country and need my help getting a massive sum of money out of the bank. You’re just wasting your time.
  • You’re trying to recruit me to Cobra. Sorry, any place that lets Serpentor cry “This I command” and took a pretty fair amount of time to boot him isn’t the place for me. Plus I’ve seen the bird suit your accountant wears and I have to say that dress code just isn’t for me.