Prompts RD

These are the VERY rough prompts for the seven day writing challenge that will start May 11 and run through May 17th, with MAYBE a free day tacked on for the 18th. This is just cut and paste straight from the file, so forgive any typos. The Prompt Three will be actual starting lines that I’ll finish by the time the final prompts go up!

Day One:

Prompt One – Contempt

Prompt Two – Write about two former friends who have become bitter enemies accidentally running across one another in an old hangout.

Prompt Three – “Of course they’d be walking down the street, that smug grin plastered across their face.”

Day Two:

Prompt One – Surprise

Prompt Two – Your character has received an unexpected package with no return label. Something completely unexpected is inside!

Prompt Three –

Day Three:

Prompt One – Sadness

Prompt Two – Your character encounters something that reminds them of a painful memory. What’s the memory, and how do they react to the situation that dredged it up?

Prompt Three –

Day Four:

Prompt One – Fear

Prompt Two – Your character or characters are trapped in a dark room. They’re terrified they might not be alone…

Prompt Three –

Day Five:

Prompt One – Compassion

Prompt Two – Your character sees an injured person on the side of the road and decides to help. Is it a stranger, a friend, even an enemy?

Prompt Three –

Day Six:

Prompt One – Anger

Prompt Two – Your character has plans they’ve been looking forward to for a long time, and someone intentionally ruins them… then laughs about it!

Prompt Three –

Day Seven:

Prompt One – Joy

Prompt Two – Your character’s greatest dream has come true! How do they handle being overwhelmed with happiness?

Prompt Three –