Greetings from Izumicon!

Hello and welcome from your intrepid writer, coming to you live from the floor at Izumicon 2017, where we’re wrapping up an incredibly fun show. As always, I’ve done the show alongside my lovely and talented wife… as I often like to say, she’s the artist and I’m the table lackey.

For those of you who were looking for her work, you can go to her Tumblr account and search under the hashtag “straya art” to see her work(there’s also a link to it in her “About Me” section). 

As for me, it’s been a hectic but incredibly fun week that I might talk more about when I’m not typing on a cell phone keyboard sitting behind the table. There’s something special about spending a few days around like minded creative people that refuels you. I also can’t say enough good things about the Izumicon team, who put together a wonderful show in spite of some pretty miserable weather.

It’s about time to start breaking down the table, so signing off from downtown OKC. But remember, the first chapter of Absolution goes live on Tuesday. Hope you’ll check it out!

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