Happy October!

It’s that time of month when the air starts to turn crisp and an eerie feeling starts racing up your spine. It’s a time for ghosts and goblins, skeletons and vampires and ghouls of all sorts… and more than likely, the local department stores setting up their Christmas displays.

This month, I’ve decided to write a few stories about Halloween, but from a different perspective. For me, this holiday has been just as much about spending time with family and putting together really ridiculous last minute costumes we can look back on and wince. Also, I’m not really a horror writer. So I’m going to try and tackle the season with my point of view, and maybe give you a little different perspective.

To kick things off, I’m going to start by promoting one of my favorite stories I’ve written. Twelve Steps to Styx is about the Grim Reaper, donuts and a support group. If you’re not at least a little intrigued by that, well… hopefully the next tale will be more to your liking!

Also, I’ve decided to continue donating sales from my Redbubble store to hurricane relief, with everything from October 1st to November 30th going to help efforts in Puerto Rico. I’m going to be sending $20(that’s three times what my store usually does!) to the Houston Food Bank this weekend, and I’d love to at least equal that for this new project!

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