Pardon the brief interruption to writing related posts, but I’ve got another thing I’ve been working on the last couple of weeks.

As some of you might know, a few years ago I went through a pretty major health scare. Thankfully all is better now, but one of the consequences is that the cost of five surgeries, medical supplies and the lessened cash flow from being on disability took a hit. I was lucky, in that I was able to utilize loans and credit cards to spread out the payments, but as time has gone on I’ve had less and less interest in… well, paying interest.

Which brings up to what I’m talking about. As the posts over the past few months have shown, I’m a gigantic nerd who loves collecting things. However, there are some things that are just sitting in boxes, and some that other people might appreciate more. So I’ve started the first phase of going through the Transformers collection, as well as a few other things I’ve had lying around the house, and put them up for sale. You can find a listing of all those items here, broken down into categories.

I’ve also got a RedBubble account where I sell both prints of my photography and some of the silly designs we put on buttons and other items for conventions. At the beginning of October I’ll be putting together my 2016 photography calendars and will also be adding some new work.

Long story short, if you’re so inclined take a look at what’s being offered, or pass the links along if there’s someone you think might be interested. You can use the e-mail on the sales page or the contact page here on the web site. Thanks for taking the time to look at this, and now I’ll return you to your regularly scheduled writing.

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