Photography Friday #1.5 – A Cat Photo in 1,497 Easy Steps

So… there’s been no new blog since the first one.

I wish I could offer a quick explanation for that, that I could blame the rigors of my job or some unexpected issue or… well, just about anything. And while life has been pretty hectic lately, I’ve ultimately blame that scourge of authors everywhere, writer’s block.

In fact, it’s been a really profound case, to the point I’m spending chunks of time just staring at a blank page with my fingers hovering millimeters above the keys, but my brain not issuing them orders to leap into action.

As a result, I thought I might share an older blog post before I started the current photography journey, a silly piece about the difficulty of photographing pets. It’s actually fairly apropos, as a good chunk of my Photo a Day output has focused(no pun intended) on our three free roaming pets, mainly our oldest rescue Jackson. I’ll include a gallery of the last two weeks below… thankfully the creative doldrums haven’t derailed that project yet.

Hopefully I’ll be back soon with more writing to share, or at least more photos.

A Cat Photo in 1,497 Easy Steps

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