Freeform Friday

The Lure of the Digital Pitchfork

There aren’t any pitchforks wielded by the citizens in 1931’s Frankenstein. Even though the popular image of the angry, torch wielding mob originated with that film, it’s not entirely clear where pitchforks entered the picture. Nonetheless, pitchforks became synonymous with large crowds filled with overwhelming, and sometimes misplaced, rage. Today, the internet has made the… Continue reading The Lure of the Digital Pitchfork

Freeform Friday

A Few Thoughts on Comcast and DreamWorks Animation

The term game changer gets overused too often. It’s become go to hyperbole for the ad industry and a crutch in rave reviews of films and video games. You could argue it’s become a meaningless buzz word at this point, as few things given the label live up to the hype.

That said, Comcast purchasing DreamWorks Animation is a game changer in every sense of the word.

Freeform Friday

Path of the Just

The chief concern of the Just is the well being of the many; of least concern is himself
One who is Just shall harm no one, unless the lives of other are at stake
One who is Just shall help all those who require his aid, even his greatest foe
The values of the Just are Honor, Loyalty, Valor, Discipline, Faith and Humility
One who is Just shall judge not through words, but deeds
One who is Just shall give his life before violating a vow of honor
One who is just must always allow for the possibility that he is wrong